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New York is not just home to the Manhattan and its five borrows. It is also home to some of the best wild trout fishing streams in the country, where historical figures have called these famous rivers home. Western New York has given us some of the original creatures of the dry fly: Lee and Joan Wolff, Poul Jorgensen, The Dette Family, Gary LaFontaine, Harry and Elsie Darbee, Theodore Gordon, Art Flick and many others.

In the majestic waters of Western New York, there always seems to be fish rising to some aquatic insect somewhere of some variety at some time during the season. That is what makes these rivers so desirable to anglers. The opportunity to catch a picky 24-inch wild fish that is sipping bugs off the surface is a fun task.

In drifting the different branches of the Delaware River, you are drifting one of the most famous, blue-ribbon trout streams in North America. There are many reasons why this river is so celebrated, but its fishing is the main reason why people travel the world to step in its water. The multitudes of aquatic life that it holds are unbelievable. The different types of flies that will hatch at any given time can be mindboggling. This onslaught of bugs creates a puzzle for our experienced guides to put together to see what the trout are eating on any particular day. As our guides log countless hours on the water every day during the season, their judgement in piecing together these puzzles will give you many opportunities at fish.

Depending upon the time of year, your fishing techniques will change. Earlier in the year when the water is still cool, anglers will have great success with large predatory fish by stripping streamers. As the season changes and things begin to warm up, the aquatic life will start to flourish. This in particular is what brings anglers to this destination. Dry fly fishing starts and doesn’t really end until the last days of the season. Throughout the year, anglers can nymph for trout, but dry fly fishing is a staple when drifting this river.

A day on the water includes a pick up at our meeting destination and then a quick ride to the section of river that you will be floating for that particular day. Anglers will enjoy the day on the water with our knowledgeable guides, with a stream-side lunch. Most drift boat days are full days on the boat, but half days are also available. Start times will also vary with the time of year – this is because during dry fly time, anglers will want to be on the water later in the day for the best top water action. The fishing season begins in April and can go into October.

For the anglers who are also avid hunters, a memorable Cast and Blast opportunity is available with ruffed grouse hunting available in October.


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