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This hunt is great for the Avian collector as well as the die-hard goose junkies. The pursuit of Greater Snow Geese is a special hunt because of the small region they encompass combined with the difficulty of chasing snow geese.

Greater Snow Geese flyway ranges from the Chesapeake Bay area through to Eastern Canada. We are hunting them in a funnel area as they pass through Upstate New York during the Spring Migration. Moving spreads and setting up a large migrator spread using 1500 plus decoys: full body and wind socks decoys with custom electric calls created personally by head guide with decades of guiding experience with chasing Greater Snows; JWD has these birds dialed in!

Jonas Wild Devotion is hunting in corn and bean field along different lakes and waterways through the migration. The hunts are conducted out of Avian X, A-Frame blinds or white Tyvek suits with MoMarsh Seats to make hunting comfortable while being completely hidden from the birds.

For all of you experienced snow goose hunters know snow goose hunting can be very difficult at times. JWD takes limited number of groups to ensure we are on the birds and move things around to try and make every hunt a success. Our goal is to have birds finish in the hole at 15-20 yards every time. A special treat for all you collectors out there is the growing number of Greater Snow Blue phase Goose that we are seeing. Another great bonus is these birds are excited to decoy! Daily limits are 15 birds a day.

Hunt Packages:

For our spring goose hunts we offer different packages to suit any needs for the hunters. Each package includes: fully guided hunts with multiple guides, lunch, bird cleaning, and ammunition. Packages are available with and without lodging. Hunt sizes range from a 4 hunter minimum to 10 hunter maximum.

Not included: Airfare, Ground Transportation, NYS license, Federal duck Stamp, Gratuity, Dinner, Personal Hunting Equipment.

The peak of the season is Mid-Late March to the beginning of April.


For any hunter that wants to have choice bird taxidermy can arrange for our outfitter to hold onto those birds and The Pepi Family Jonas Brothers Studios will arrange pickup. All that is needed if for hunters to fill out the appropriate paperwork that will be provided.

Don’t miss out one of our favorite hunts that extends the season for all of you Devoted waterfowl hunters out there.


• Greater Snow Geese

• Greater Snow Blue Phase Goose


• Mid-Late March

• Early April


• 15 Birds a day per hunter

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