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NY Grouse Hunting

Ruffed Grouse hunting and Woodcock hunting has become synonymous with a quintessential upland hunting heritage, though as a tough adversary even for the most knowledgeable woodsmen. Throughout history, people have written about these wily birds and how they are often heard but not seen flushing in the thick coverts where they reside in. Hearing the wingbeats of a grouse is something that will get the heart pumping of any outdoorsman or woman. We believe this is why both novice and experienced hunters are driven in pursuit of these birds.

Getting a shot in the infamously scenic open patch of pines for a grouse, or seeing a woodcock bust in a marshy wooded lot is the price of admission without baggin’ a bird. But Pepi Wild Devotion is here to help make these picturesque scenes that have been written about throughout history a dream come true for you.

To hunt in Western New York through a place that is also synonymous with upland hunting and trout fishing, our Pepi Wild Devotion outfitter is one of the epicenters of grouse coverts. Hunting over the finest English Setters in both private and public lands, you will have many good opportunities in a day to find these elusive birds. Searching through thick pine lots, to standing poplars, vast logging roads, and wet bottoms, the bird opportunities can be endless. With countless acres to traverse, you are in no threat of running out of the covert you are picturing in your mind.

The optimal time to hunt grouse and woodcock is from mid-fall through December, which also happens to be the most beautiful time to be tracking through the mountains of western New York as it times perfectly with the fall leaf colors and brisk days. The allure to these birds and the toughness in finding them is not something that has been exaggerated in the years of literature written about them. Be prepared to walk through different types of cover in a typical day afield. For the hunter who is not ready or without the proper equipment, it can lead to a long day.

Pepi Wild Devotion and our grouse guides mostly run English Setters. These dogs pair perfectly with grouse and woodcock. Our dogs are staunch and well trained in searching the woods for these birds. If you are also a proud birddog owner feel free to contact us about bringing your hunting companion with you for the hunt. It is common to hunt with your dog as well as with our guides’ dogs throughout a day or trip. The only way for a hunting dog to get better at finding grouse it to get them in the grouse covert.

Besides their history of upland hunting, the Catskills of Western New York is the birth place of the dry fly. With many blue-ribbon trout streams throughout the region, you are bound to find wild brown trout ready to rise to a fly. If you are a fly-fisherman as well as a woodsman or woman, this is the perfect place to try a Cast and Blast. Depending upon time of year, it is possible to arrange a Cast and Blast trip for trout and grouse. Neither activity is far away from the other, and both are worth an opportunity if it is something you have dreamed of completing.

The hunts are conducted in three forms. You can hunt half days, full days or we can create a package hunt for you. With numerous coverts at our disposal, longer stays with us will never lead to running out of ground to hunt. Cast and Blast combinations are something that we can arrange depending on time of year; these packages, though, are normally reserved for earlier in the year.

Join the Devoted and Pepi Wild Devotion in writing your own pages of classic upland hunting literature with us this season or next, hunting Ruffed Grouse and American Woodcock.


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