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One things that gets the heart pumping of every sportsmen is hearing the hounds barking go front a faint echo getting louder and louder till they are on top of you. Hunting over Hounds is a unique experience that most hunters should enjoy one time in there hunting career, whether you have hunted with hounds before or it is your first time it is a great environment that everyone will enjoy.

Jonas Wild Devotion Outfitter near Bangor, Maine is top class for running Snow Shoe Hares and Bobcats with this experienced dogs. Hitting cover and finding tracks on the expansive miles of logging roads that is available to us we have the best cover to hunt these animals on. Once finding sign to let the dogs out you will follow the GPS to see where you will have the best opportunity for the optimal shot.

Snow Shoe Hare:

The Rabbit hunting has a very long season from Fall through to late Winter, the conditions change with seasons and with the rabbits. The Snow Shoes will change to white during the winter months from a light brown. Rabbits are known for running in circles when being tailed by the hounds. This allows the hunter to have an idea of the area they will cross the logging road and with the advantage of the GPS you will be set up in the optimal spot for prime shooting. With Daily limits of 4 rabbits a day there will be great opportunity for good shooting for your party.


No one understands the elusiveness of the Bobcats better than Jonas Wild Devotion. When hunting these cats you have to be in the right place at the right time; we have the solution and that is running and treeing or baying the cats just like a mountain lion hunt. This gives the hunter a great opportunity at finally harvesting these beautiful animals.

Hunting cats is always best when there is snow fall on the ground. Finding fresh tracts is the key. Our team is on the roads looking for fresh sign to be ready for when the hunters are in camp From being on the roads everyday from fall through winter hunting rabbits, grouse, bobcats and bears JWD knows the vast area better than anyone and knows where the game will be. Often while hunting Bobcats hunters will also have the opportunity at hunting coyotes.

The best way to harvest one of these elusive animals is to have a rifle and a shotgun ready during your hunt. If the cat is running by it is best to have your shotgun ready and if your Bobcat bays up in a tree its optimal to have a low caliber rifle ready. The opportunity to harvest multiple bobcats is available on your week long hunt.

Snow Shoe Hare:

• 4 per day bag limit (8 possession limit)

• Daily Rate hunts

• Season: October – February (Specific Open and Close Dates Range Yearly)