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There is nothing more classic and historical than watching an English Setter go on point in thick woods, to then hear the thumping of Ruffed Grouse wings. More often than not, to the agony of the Grouse hunter, you never see the bird. The pursuit of Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock is something every upland hunter longs to do. The history of great hunters, dogs, and writers that have spent their life in pursuit of these wary game birds is some of the most prolific in upland folklore.

Hunting in Northern Maine is like taking a step back in time. From the rustic log cabin hunters get to stay in, to the beautiful scenery, the hunt will take you away to another world. Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock hunting will test the shooting of the most experienced wing-shooters with the thick woods, wild flushes and wily birds, but when everything works together just right it is truly a thing of beauty.

The bird hunts are conducted in prime habitat, accessible from the labyrinth of logging roads that surround the lodge. Finding “birdy” cover and putting a brace of dogs on the ground is the best way to find some action. Hunting over very experienced English Setters will help you find your quarry, as they’ve grown up chasing Grouse and Woodcock. With a house dog temperament and a bird drive second to none, hunters will be sure to enjoy the dog work as much as the bird.

JWD’s location in Maine was the center of the woodcock study for scientist trying to track down and learn more about this secretive game bird. When the flight is on there is no better place to be than in Northern Maine. The ability to put up double digit finds on Woodcock as well as Grouse is something that just doesn’t happen anywhere.

Coverts range from thicker pine tree habitat to poplar hollows and wet lowlands; the vastness of the area will yield habitat that will take a lifetime to cover. With Jonas Wild Devotion’s experienced guides that know the area better than anyone, you will find your way into birds

Guided hunts are available, as well as Do It Yourself options, if you want to drive up and hunt with your own dogs. With the DIY option, we will help hunters find good coverts to pursue on your own. If you would like a guided hunt with your own dogs as well as the guide’s, that is also an option.

Depending on the time of year mix bags hunts can be arranged. We’ve had clients upland hunt in the morning and chase Snow Shoe Hares in the afternoon with the hounds.

If you want to take a step back into history and enjoy the solitude of the Grouse and Woodcock woods of Maine, please Join the Devoted and contact us for additional information.


• Ruffed Grouse

• Woodcock


• Ruffed Grouse: October through end of December (Seasons dates will change depending on the year – contact for exact dates)

• Woodcock: October into November (Seasons dates will change depending on the year – contact for exact dates)


• Contact us for packages available