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The Pepi Family Jonas Brothers Studios of New York

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Taxidermy – The Pepi Family Jonas Brothers Studios of New York

Let’s make getting your trophies back home as easy as possible. JWD is affiliated with Pepi Wild Devotion Studios of New York, the most prestigious taxidermy company in the country. JBS has been catering to “Tradition and Excellence” for over 100 years, and prides itself on 100% custom work that will make your trophy come to life right there in your living room.

Jonas Wild Devotion will supply shipping tags for your sporting odyssey to make transporting your trophies smooth. We are always in contact with our outfitters to make sure that everything is handled in a timely fashion, no matter where your adventures take you. Once everything arrives back in Jonas Brother’s Studio, JBS prides itself on a six to eight month turn around, to get your trophy back to where it belongs…. with you.

When deciding how you’d like your trophy constructed, let your imagination run wild—there is nothing too small or too extravagant that we cannot handle. We can design individual or elaborate scenes for your trophies. Let Pepi Wild Devotion and Pepi Wild Devotion Studios help make a lasting memory.

Pepi Wild Devotion Studios doesn’t just create big game memories—it also constructs custom bird and fish mounts. JBS are conservationists just like all the other sportsmen and women, so we create replica fish mounts for our clients. All we need are a detailed picture and some measurements, and your mount will look like it just came out of the water and will last a lifetime.