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New York is a secret haven for the waterfowl lover. Throughout the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario there are a myriad of species to pursue. When the weather starts to change through December and January the Lakes start to fill up with ducks.

Jonas Wild Devotion conducts hunts on the lakes primarily for Divers as well as Scoters and Long Tail Ducks. These hunts are conducted from a two-man layout boats or off of A-Frame blinds off of the shore. The fast action of divers whiffling into the decoys will get you Devoted for life.

One of the highlights for these New York Diver hunts is the species you are pursuing. Even if you are searching for a certain species you will see a bunch of others that will add to your bag limit. With bird limits of 6 ducks a day you will have your fill of shooting. The main species that are sighted are Redheads, Scaup, Buffleheads, and Goldeneye. In Deeper Lakes there are a lot of White Wing Scoters and Long Tail Ducks (Oldsquaw). One of the best places in the country to be able to harvest Redheads and White Wing Scoters for the collection! Other species that could be sighted: Ruddy Ducks, Coots, Canvasbacks, and Ring necks, mallards.

A bonus hunt for late season hunts is an afternoon of Canada Goose hunting. With birds migrating south the hunting is great in agriculture fields. Hunting from Layout blinds and A-Frame blinds birds will be back peddling at your feet.

There is no better way to end a great couple days of Diver hunting with an afternoon of shooting big migrating Honkers!

Hunt packages range from two to four hunters. Prices range from basic daily rate hunts to hunt packages including guide and lodging. JWD would suggest two to three days of hunting. Custom packages are available for more than three days of hunting. You are always dealing with weather so it is always best to have more than one day of hunting.


For any hunter that wants to have choice bird taxidermy can arrange for our outfitter to hold onto those birds and The Pepi Family Jonas Brothers Studios will arrange pickup. All that is needed if for hunters to fill out the appropriate paperwork that will be provided.

Don’t miss out one of our favorite hunts that extends the season for all of you Devoted waterfowl hunters out there.


• December – January

Main Species:

• Redheads

• Common Goldeneye

• Scaup (Blue Bill)

• Bufflehead

• White wing Scoter

• Long tail Ducks (Oldsquaw)

Other Species:

• Ruddy Ducks

• Canada Goose

• Ring neck Ducks

• Canvasbacks

• Coots

Hunt Packages:

• 2-4 hunters

• Daily Rates

• Hotel and Hunt Packages

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